Thursday, July 19, 2007


The students at Baxter are awesome!! They work really hard, and study a ton, but when they aren't studying, I love hanging out with them; sometimes I hang out with them even when they are studying! I feel like I have been friends with some of these guys took about one day to feel like I was a part of this place! That's one of the reasons it is so wonderful!! :)
On Tuesday and Friday nights all the students play soccer, and if there are gringos here they are allowed to play with them any other night of the week. The gringos always get smashed because the students are so stinkin' awesome at soccer!! :) There have been a few gringo teams who actually got pretty upset that they lost so much, which is really funny because the students don't play to win, they just love to play. I love them!!
This is my friend Siney! He's from Tegucigalpa, and just started at Baxter this year. We were goofing off last night, if you can't's loads of fun here!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Before the bruised knee...

I had my ears pierced! I figured after almost 20 years, it was about time to poke a couple holes in my ears. I got my haircut on Wednesday, my ears pierced on Thursday, and I am working up the courage for a tattoo of the Honduran flag! Just kidding, Mama! I think I will get the Honduran soccer team's logo instead! ;) The nurse at the clinic, Yadira, pierced my ears, and it was relatively painless, except for the numbing shots they gave me before hand. I did lay down the whole time, because I am a big wimp and I was scared I would pass out! My left ear is still bruised from the shot, but it's nothing compared to my knee! I love my life!! :)

Oh Knee!

Today has been an interesting day! I began my day like any other day. Wake up and six, breakfast with the students at seven...yada yada. About 7:45 I opened a disheartening e-mail from my mother. My cat, Sunnybaby, has diabetes, and I have to choose a treatment: put him on a diet that will help for a little while, put him on insulin for the rest of his life (which will only be a year or two now), or put him down. Needless to say, I can't put him down while I am in Honduras. So, I called the vet from Honduras. He has been in the office since Friday, and I had to make a decision today. I opted for the diet (because he is not suffering), and when I get home, I will probably put him on insulin, which means I have to give him a shot everyday for the rest of his life. My poor cat! :( But I'm glad he is not going to die soon! Se amo muchisimo!!

Anyway, that was the sad news, which I think will turn out okay. The most eventful happening was during my outing to the airport. Carlos and I went to pick up a mission group from Nashville, that will be working with the clinic. When I was carrying one of their bags to the dump truck (that's where we put all the luggage), I tripped over another bag that someone had put on the sidewalk. I landed on my knees really hard...and it was kind of embarrassing, but I really didn't care that much. Before we left the airport, I could tell that my knee was swelling pretty bad...but I didn't know how bad until Carlos and I got back in the truck and I pulled up my jeans. This picture is my knee a couple hours after my spill. The purple knot is not actually my knee, but the huge bruise growing on it!! AHH! It doesn't really hurt though...ibuprofen will be my best friend for the next few days!! I am glad I work in a medical clinic! Everybody there takes good care of me, from piercing my ears to wrapping my knee!