Thursday, May 22, 2008


This photo really doesn't do justice to the size of Tegucigalpa, it is enormous! The barren piece of land to the right of the photo is where a mudslide took out all the homes during Hurricane Mitch in 2008. At least I think that is the right spot...if not, there is another place that looks just like it in another part of the city! I get really turned around sometimes when I am here, but for the most part my direction is good!


Sorry I haven't posted on my blog yet! I have been a little apathetic about writing recently, but finally the world can know that I am alive! I took this photo, obviously from the plane, just before our decent into Tegucigalpa! It was really hazy the day we landed because of all the agricultural burning. It has been unseasonably hot here, and it rained for the first time yesterday in almost a month! This is supposed to be the rainy season, and winter, so it shouldn't feel like a Kentucky summer! Blah! Anyway, it doesn't really matter what the weather is like, I am excited to be here finally! It has been a long six months of counting down, but alas, I will count down no least not until August 12! For everyone who will be keeping up with this blog, and hopefully I will post regularly, welcome back to Honduras, I hope you enjoy your stay!